We are a young and dynamic technology company focused on developing cutting edge business solutions that will drive the digital transformation in the aviation industry.

From our base in southern France, the AERSYN team constantly strive to push the boundaries of innovation. Our focus is to continually develop and harness the latest technology to provide a range of unique products that revolutionise the way business is done in the aviation industry.



AERSYN aims to drive the digital revolution in the aviation industry with creative thinking and innovative solutions. We lead the way in developing, user-friendly, high-tech business solutions to improve operational efficiency in the aviation industry.


The concept that became AERSYN SAS was born.
Our founders, JP Morice and Anthony Chadburn, decided to start working together on an idea coming from Thales trading experience.


The prototype developments and testing of initial solutions for trading second hand aircraft on a global platform.
The key innovation was to create a flexible RFP management system that enabled offers to be received for a complete aircraft while simultaneously receiving offers for engines, airframe and parts.


Development of new technological concepts intensified culminating in the release of a range of powerful software solutions to cover every aspect of aviation asset trading (ATOM and MATTIS) plus the creation of a bespoke software development service (AERSYN Engineering).
Now the AERSYN team has the experience to propose premium support in RFP management including marketing, communication, advertising, advanced reporting and handling customer requests.


Let’s write the story together!




Anthony Chadburn

Anthony is an experienced software engineer, entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast. His creativity and engineering expertise enable him to develop unique solutions to solve the most complex of problems.
Anthony leads the development team with an open minded and exploratory approach, always pushing the boundaries of technology.

Jean-Philippe Morice

With an engineering background, Jean-Philippe has spent its entire career in the aviation industry. While working as a trading manager, he identified the need for efficient and powerful trading solutions within the industry, subsequently established AERSYN to address this need.
Jean-Philippe has a passion for innovation and new technology which drives him to explore new ways to make doing business easier and smarter.