At Aersyn we know that everything is possible as soon as you believe in it and persevere long enough. We want to give meanings to our actions and are proof that pleasure at work is a reality. We promote personal development and support everyone’s ambition.

We are innovative but not offbeat, oriented to new technologies but always connected with people. We are dynamic and progressive in all humility. We are constant but evolving as a leader in our field but we never rest on our achievements.

Women and men who join our team are smart, thirsty for learning and committed to a very ambitious project for a better world.




Each person is unique, so we define roles rather than positions. Everyone can take on several roles and this changes over time, depending on the wishes, skills and needs of the company.

Our desire is to promote the individual, so there are no barriers between roles within the company. Everyone can decide to learn new skills in order to take on new roles as they progress.

Our company, a technology service company, particularly interested  in sales, web development, inbound marketing, data science, customer obsession, love of a job well done, respect for self and others.

We are actively looking for passionate and ambitious people who like to take up challenges and wish to settle either in south of France or Ireland.

If you were thrilled by reading these lines, let us know!